Internet Services for Growing Businesses

Thank you for visiting the Verostyle website. As of July 2007, Verostyle is only accepting new clients via referral.

VeroStyle has worked with a number of clients to provide a wide variety of online systems development. These projects include:

  • An order processing system designed to allow the company's salesman to place orders and the fulfillment personnel track the order thru its lifecycle, from manufacturing, to service preparation and delivery.
  • An inventory management system which tracks available product quantities, warehouse location, and purchasing behavoir and restocking triggers.
  • An resume submission tool, collecting employment, educational, and references to screen potential applicants.

Below is a sample of our past portfolio. You can navigate via clicking on the right or left image, or double clicking the center to go to the site.

VeroStyle Systems was founded in January of 2000, by AJ Sessa, to serve small and mid-sized businesses technology needs. The company focuses on growing companies looking to create and build an online presence.

Our mission is to provide custom, robust, interactive internet solutions to small and mid-sized business. As a company we look to perform value-added services for our clients and their dynamic business and technology needs.

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